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Taiwanese actor
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Annie Wu is straight. Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles.

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3 star rating
Rated by 50+ girl-crushers
  • 3 star rating A sorority standards chair is tougher than than the GOP is being on Judge Kavanaugh... --
  • 3 star rating Oh man apparently annie wu is drawing for hawkguy 21 too. oh man. hooooo doggie --
  • 4 star rating You know who's cool as fuck? annie wu. annie wu is cool as fuck. --
  • 3 star rating It's a disgrace she isn't included in the Eisner nominations. She drew loads of Hawkeye! --
  • 5 star rating Honestly I would kill to see that drawn by anyone I just love annie wu so much. --
  • 5 star rating David aja and Annie wu are the coolest omg --
  • 5 star rating Can phil noto and annie wu pls illustrate my life --
  • 4 star rating Leer Hawkeye cuando no dibuja Aja (o Annie Wu) me da perezote :( --
  • 3 star rating I don't really like annie wu's black canary i don't think that type of style suits dinah --
  • 2 star rating Sería una mezcla de Honor Entre Punks y The Good Wife. Dibujado por Annie Wu, guionizado por Kelly Sue. --
  • 5 star rating I love that Riverdale aesthetically feels like Fiona Staples and Annie Wu s Riverdale: everyone s all angles, eyebrows, and sideglances. --
  • 5 star rating I did a quick test run outfit for doing Annie wu's rocker black canary & man I really hope no one rings my door because this is a bit much --
  • 1 star rating So I was about to say "hey cool avi pic! Looks like it was drawn by Annie Wu". Good thing I stopped myself huh --
  • 5 star rating She is my fav artist forever --
  • 4 star rating The Refrigerator Monologues by Catherynne M. Valente, Annie Wu --
  • 5 star rating Everything going well Annie Wu --
  • 1 star rating It's easily some of Annie Wu's best work, especially in page layouts. The whole first arc is pretty damn masterful. --
  • 5 star rating 16. Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu, et al's Hawkeye run Such a fantastic standalone superhero comic. The design throughout is phenomenal --
  • 3 star rating Got so distracted by flirty comic store guy, I forgot to pick up the new Annie Wu book. --
  • 3 star rating So now im thinking about if I should just do Annie Wu's Black Canary or do Katara again --
  • 1 star rating The thing abt kate bishop is that no one writes her better than matt fraction & no one draws her better than annie wu ???? --
  • 1 star rating Bengal on anything is pretty darn tantalizing. And a solo Annie Wu series? Alright. I'll pony up some dollars. You got me. --
  • 1 star rating ANNIE WU IS MAKING A NEW COMIC with rugged investigator lady protags and MIRACLES HAPPEN 2018 is BEAUTIFUL --
  • 4 star rating Annie Wu writing and drawing a book at Image is huge news. --
  • 4 star rating The way annie wu draw dinah... we don't deserve her --
  • 4 star rating I use it for stuff like.. annie wu's art is fkn awrsome!! --
  • 5 star rating Obviously, I would love Jamie McKelvie, but that s a pipe dream. Becky Cloonan might be too, but she s also on the list. So is Annie Wu. --
  • 3 star rating Annie wu's art in black canary (2015) and hawkeye (2012) is [chef's kiss] --
  • 3 star rating Annie wu's kate bishop is all over my timeline and i couldnt be happier --
  • 3 star rating Annie Wu really drew Kate as an absolute bastard and for that alone I am thankful for her existence --
  • 3 star rating Imagine seeing Annie Wu and Jamie Mckelvie draw Kate at the same time... They're so different --
  • 3 star rating Just remembering how good fraction's hawkeye is. how pretty david aja and annie wu's art is --
  • 5 star rating I love seeing the joy that aJohn Lewis exudes I think he could see that promised land. I feel like his spirit is dancing now. --
  • 4 star rating My bed is the comfiest bed in the entire world. ! --
  • 3 star rating Everyone talks about how great Ajas art is(as they should) but I adore Annie Wu's arc with Kate --
  • 3 star rating And now tr*mp is on a plane back to Florida while Biden is with bipartisan colleagues in church --
  • 5 star rating 2022 is gonna be my year (maybe lol). --
  • 4 star rating Now i really wish annie wu had gotten to draw a story with cassie --
  • 5 star rating Annie wu is so real --
  • 4 star rating Annie Wu s Kate Bishop is (visually) my only Kate Bishop. --
  • 2 star rating Really need people to stop saying shit like this country is broken it WAS MADE THIS WAY ON PURPOSE. --
  • 5 star rating Annie wu is incredible --
  • 5 star rating Annie wu this is your moment too girl!! --
  • 3 star rating Is there anyone hornier than kourtney kardashian. not judging. just curious. --
  • 5 star rating Annie wu draws star wars so well --
  • 5 star rating Shrek is based on a book ??!??!!?! --
  • 5 star rating I need annie wu to draw talia so badly --
  • 5 star rating this is great --
  • 3 star rating they aren't really pro-life just antiabortion and believe they should have dominion over others --

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