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Kyra Sedgwick discusses love scenes with Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise collaboration and Julia Roberts comparisons

Updated: 1 year ago (April 25, 2023, 12am)
Kyra Sedgwick latest sexy April 25, 2023, 12am

In a recent interview, Kyra Sedgwick bared her soul and shared some fascinating insights about her illustrious career. The 57-year-old actress and director sat down with Yahoo Entertainment to discuss the highs and lows of working in Hollywood.

During their conversation, Sedgwick regaled listeners with tales from behind-the-scenes on various movie sets. She spoke candidly about what it was like collaborating with A-listers such as Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

In particular, she reminisced fondly about filming alongside Roberts - one of the most famous actresses in Tinseltown. Despite rumors that there may have been tension between them due to their similar status within the industry, Sedgwick revealed that this couldn't be further from the truth.

Instead, she explained how they had formed a close bond while shooting together: "Julia is just so lovely...we really hit it off." It seems that any whispers of rivalry were nothing more than hearsay!

Overall though, it's clear that for Sedgwick herself at least - who has enjoyed an impressive career spanning several decades now - success hasn't come without its challenges along the way. But despite these obstacles (and perhaps even because of them), she remains passionate about pursuing her craft both onscreen and behind-the-camera alike.

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