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Actress, singer (Famous from Elena Murrieta in The Mask of Zorro and Virginia Baker in Entrapment.)
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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas vacation in Italy with kids

Updated: 1 year ago (May 12, 2023, 8pm)
Catherine Zeta Jones latest sexy May 12, 2023, 8pm

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been taking their family on a journey around the world. The Hollywood power couple, who tied the knot in 2000, were recently seen exploring the stunning scenery of Venice, Italy alongside their grown-up children. Dylan, aged 22 and Carys at 20 years old joined their parents for an unforgettable experience.

The happy sightseeing expedition was caught by some lucky passersby as they strolled around one of Europe's most picturesque cities. Michael (78) and Catherine (53), looked relaxed and content while basking in each other's company — evidently undeterred by paparazzi or any other distractions while enjoying quality time with family in such unique surroundings.

As proud parents accompanying two young adults who are quickly blossoming to become household names themselves, both actors displayed beaming smiles throughout the adventure-filled day - revealing that this vacation is providing them ample opportunity to unwind after hectic schedules brought about through multiple commitments to films over many years.

Dylan is already well established in his own screen career since making his debut with father Michael at age five during a cameo appearance from dad Disney’s romantic comedy “One Fine Day” back in '96; he has since appeared on several television shows including graduation just last year! It looks like Carys might follow her brother's footsteps because she harbors interests within acting too!

The sightseers stopped for gelato along countless bridges crossing Venetian waterways teeming with gondolas drifting lazily past them before later sitting down to enjoy fresh pasta dishes washed down with local wine. And although it may have been quite tiring touring around all day under hot weather conditions found only here during summer months–nobody complained one bit amidst breathtaking scenery that offered something spectacular everywhere you turned! Ultimately concluding another wonderful chapter tailor-made for this wholesome celebrity family adventure archives cherished memories worth holding onto forevermore.

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